Müzik, Performans



FluRhymez Unit Records, in collaboration with Musikinstitutet Jönköping (Sweden), will host the “Harmony” music therapy project in Gaziantep from April 1st to November 30th.

Harmony will begin with educators and social workers receiving expert training from Make Music Matter (Canada) and will prepare the ground for the start of the project at Kids Rainbow Centre (Türkiye). Supported by the scope of Spaces of Culture’s International Co-production Fund, twenty children selected for the project will participate in various music therapy workshops under the guidance of these experts and music producers, including songwriting, playing musical instruments, and performing.

One of the most important outputs of the project will be an EP of 3 to 5 songs that point to the concrete results of the children’s emotional and creative journeys. This compilation will be published on international listening platforms to make the children’s productions visible.